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Our Story

Developed by a pharmacist

QCE Laboratories is devoted to developing products for the healthcare industry that fulfill specific needs and provide added convenience – particularly in nutrition and wound care therapy.  We offer efficient, cost saving, quality products that provide added value by reducing the number of meds being dispensed, saving time during med-pass and providing a higher quality of resident care. 

Our flagship product, Decubi-Vite® was developed by a consultant pharmacist who, while servicing long term care facilities, discovered a common and recurring need among nurses when it came to decubitus care –”Why can’t someone put a therapeutic multi-vitamin, extra Vitamin C and Zinc into one capsule”? So we did!

By combining three ingredients into one capsule, nurses spent less time administering products and more time caring for their patients. From that point on, it has been our focus to provide tried and true protocols that not only save money, but are packaged in such a way that they save time as well.

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