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Supplement Facts​

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Decubi-ViteTM three-in-one is a dietary supplement intended to reduce the number of medications being administered to residents which, in turn, reduces nursing administration time while providing a safe and inexpensive means to promote skin integrity and wound healing for patients suffering from the effects of Decubitis.

Decubi-ViteTM three-in-one combines the most frequently recommended treatment for Decubitis ulcers: Therapeutic Multi-vitamin, 500mg Vitamin C, and 220mg Zinc Sulfate into ONE CAPSULE.  Combining extra Vitamin C and Zinc Sulfate with a therapeutic multi-vitamin reduces the number of pills being administered to 1 instead of 3.  Patients don’t have to take as many pills, and nurses have fewer pills to administer.

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DecubAmine® contains Whey Protein, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine and essential fatty acids that are all required elements for complete cell development.  Cell development is critical for wound healing.  Whey protein contains all the branched chain amino acids necessary for wound healing.  L-Arginine works at the cellular level to improve cell growth by helping oxygen flow to tissue needing repair.  L-Glutamine regulates muscle protein and improves absorption of nutrients across cell membranes.  Essential fatty acids contribute to cell wall synthesis. 


Without all four ingredients complete cell development cannot occur.  While other products may contain one or more of these ingredients, we have found none that include all four.  None of the powders we looked at contained L-Arginine or L-Glutamine and when L-Arginine and L-Glutamine are available in other protein products, the price increases dramatically.

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CIRCUDERM®  is an effective, natural dermal tissue during wound care therapy. The natural oils contained in Circuderm have anti-infective properties that promote wound healing and improve epithelialization.

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AnemaVite is conveniently combine with Ferrous Sulfate, Folic Acid, vitamin B-12 and Senna Concentrate in ONE CAPSULE that can easily be added to liquids or foods.  

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