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"Cold turkey" isn't always best...

Sometimes getting into these new habits we name "New Year Resolutions" is just plain hard. For some reason we have a tendency to set ourselves up for failure. We make a resolution, then BAM! 3 weeks in, we're drowning in our own doom of "I couldn't do it" or "I give up, it's too hard." So here's my thought...why quit or start a habit "cold turkey?" Why not make it easier to quit/start a habit? I mean think about it - My friend, Marie, just quit smoking recently. I remember her first cigarette back in 1998. We both turned 18 in the same week. With our newly defined adulthood we decided to do something to signify that we were surely not children anymore. Marie bought her first pack of cigarettes and I bought my first lottery ticket. She didn't smoke the whole pack in one day. She was merely curious and wanted to try something as a new adult. She slowly added that habit to her lifestyle by smoking one cigarette per day. It took the same method of breaking that habit as it did to create it. And guess what? She was successful. Marie has been cigarette free for over a year now. She took one day at a time, one week at a time. So for those of us that really want to be successful in quitting a habit or starting a new one, why don't we take a note from Marie? Try something daily. According to Google, the top 3 New Year Resolutions of 2017: 1) Stay healthy and fit 2) Lose weight 3) Live life to the fullest For those that want to lose weight or inches: Try starting your first week with no sodas. Then week 2: start walking for 30 mins per day. Week 3: Add push-ups and crunches. It's easier to get to that goal when focusing on one life changing habit at a time.

One step at a time. Remember how you started the habit you're trying to quit. In most cases, it was a slow process. Try it that same method and you will see that it can be a very successful journey.

Many Blessings,

Ty Hollingshead


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