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Circuderm Testimonies

“We had been using A+D® Cream on our patients, but we were not obtaining the results that we wanted. After switching to Circuderm™ emollient we noticed a drastic improvement. The nurses love the easy foil packets that they keep in their pockets for disbursement as needed instead of using tubes. We are in the process of switching

all of our patients to Circuderm.”

Carol Stephens, DON Rosemont at Stone Mountain

“We use Circuderm™ emollient in my Skilled Nursing Facilities to keep skin moist and supple and to prevent incontinence associated dermatitis. Circuderm is cost effective and easy to use. The single-use foil packaging is convenient for non-licensed staff.

This dispensing method encourages them to keep Circuderm handy and use it when providing incontinence care. We feel Circuderm is a major weapon

in our arsenal and our first line of defense in the fight against skin break down.”

Barbara Barr, RN, BSN, CWOCN Quality Assurance Nurse

Blue Ridge Nursing Homes

“We have been using Circuderm™ for 7 months and we love it! The packets are user-friendly. The nurses are very happy with the results for their patients. Also, it is cost effective. I use to have to buy a tube of Xenaderm™ for each patient and now we can dispense the Circuderm foil packets, as needed. We also use Circuderm for patients who have minor scrapes and skin tears and it works great. The CN’s love it.”

Valerie R. Quaker, RN & DON East Lake Arbor Nursing Home

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